The Holistic Approach

Introducing the Holistic Approach in to your life


The word holistic means to treat a person as a whole. It comes from the concept that human beings are multi-dimensional.  As a therapist, we treat all the aspects of the patient, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides. In medical terms the patient is evaluated and treated as a whole, not simply the symptoms and the disease. By understanding the causes of disharmony and making changes and adjustments, harmony, balance and good health can be restored. Holistic treatments focuses not just on the treatment of symptoms, but on the underlying root causes of imbalance and disease.

How can we improve our well being?

All aspects of our lives have an effect on our body.  What we eat, where we work, who we talk to, what we watch, what exercise we do, our relationships, how we sleep… these all have an effect on how we feel and what our body feels.  If one of these aspects are out of balance this could manifest itself in an ailment like a headache, for example.  But if only the headache is being treated by taking painkillers, the main cause of the headache isn’t being addressed and the headache is very likely to come back.

We could all take a look at our individual lifestyles and find elements of it that could be improved.  Perhaps the next time you have a headache, think about why you have a headache and try to illuminate this cause of imbalance before taking some pain killers.

If you would like a holistic treatment that will help to re balance any dis harmonies within your body, why not try some reflexology.  Reflexology treats the whole person, and since it’s a non-invasive treatment, can be used to treat a wide range of ailments.

If you are not in the Chester area but are interested in receiving some holistic treatments, please click here to see a list of therapists in your desired location.

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