Reflexology and Mental Health

As it is Mental Health Awareness week this week, I thought I’d write a short article to discuss how Reflexology could help.

Many of us suffer from some form of mental illness or another.  Whether its depression, stress, loss of a loved one, anxiety, low self-esteem, an addiction etc, it is very important to know that you’re not alone and that there are treatments out there to help.

How to help Mental Health

As we know, Reflexology works by balancing and harmonising the body.

When someone suffers with anxiety, confidence issues or stress related illnesses, Reflexology can help by inducing a state of relaxation.  This relaxation can then help to ease tension and increase circulation.  With the gentle pressure on the reflex areas, Reflexology can stimulate the nervous and lymphatic systems, encouraging a release of the feel-good hormones Endorphin’s, that are renown for relieving stress. Toxins can then be released and expelled from the body, restoring the bodies energy levels and helping to promote better health.

Reflexology may encourage good mental health by:

  • Reducing stress levels.
  • Stimulating nerve function, reducing chronic pain levels.
  • Enhancing self-esteem and confidence.
  • Enhancing feelings of control and the ability to cope.
  • Improving communication skills.
  • Increasing energy levels.

Here’s an article that has researched mental health and holistic therapies;


If you or anyone you know suffers with any mental health problems, please do not suffer in silence.  Please talk to someone.

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