What are the differences between Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology?

The differences between Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology;

Many clients often ask what the difference is between a normal Reflexology treatment and a Maternity Reflexology treatment.

There are some similarities with regards to the effect the treatment has on the whole body. Such as, balancing out all the imbalances within the body, restoring the body’s own healing process and encouraging a deep relaxation. The actual treatment given, varies quite a bit and are altered/ adjusted according to the individuals special needs. Different techniques are used in a Maternity Reflexology treatment, this is so that areas can be avoided and the client receives the most from the treatment.


Pregnant lady receiving Reflexology


Although Reflexology is a non-invasive and very relaxing treatment, there are reflex areas which need to be avoided during pregnancy.  Maternity Reflexology is a very subtle treatment and is particularly useful in pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, during labour and after.  Reflexology during pregnancy can promote well being and can help to relieve some of the ailments associated with pregnancy.

A good article describing what is involved has been published on the Foundation of Holistic Therapies website, if you would like to have a read, please CLICK HERE.


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