Toddler Reflexology

Toddler Reflexology

Toddler Reflexology sessions show parents, grandparents and guardians how to use natural, simple, safe and enjoyable calming techniques on their toddlers and children.

Learn how to use hand reflexology, combined with nursery rhymes to ensure your little ones are engaged, soothed, calm, and connected. This therapy is based on specialised reflexology techniques and can be applied as part of a daily routine. Learn a skill that will last a life time!

Toddler Reflexology

Simple hand reflexology techniques, that are easy to learn and remember. Our sessions are themed for ease of use for example, calming before bedtime, a god send for most parents!

This treatment has over the years helped to ease and relieve many discomforting conditions in toddlers and aid their ability to sleep. As toddlers are more difficult to keep still, Baby Reflexology for Toddlers works primarily on their hands.

These techniques can be used on a range of ages. Treatments for children that are older could include more relaxing techniques and no nursery rhymes will be needed. Please just get in touch to learn more.


  • Natural – non-invasive therapy that aims to promote good health
  • Nurturing – Encourages a natural bonding between Parent and Toddler
  • Nourishing – Aids support, and calming to the growing child
  • Most children love it

What’s Included

Toddler Reflexology are 1 to 1 sessions in the comfort of your own home, where your toddler feels relaxed. There is no pressure for your child to join in, sometimes they don’t at all. The first session will be spent teaching the techniques on parent, grandparent or guardian.

You will receive a  parent handbook and guide to all the techniques you’ll learn. You will be left with all the techniques needed to help soothe, calm and comfort your child.


The sessions are run over 2 sessions with an option to have a third session if you require. Each session usually lasts around 60 minutes.

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Reflexology is not a replacement or alternative treatment to medical advice so if you have any concerns, please seek medical advice.

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