A healthier version of you!

Are you trying to cut down on sugar?

Maybe you are trying to eat more healthily, cut down on alcohol, caffeine or find more energy for exercising or doing things you love?

Reflexology can help

Often when it comes to our habits and addictions, our stress and emotions play a big part.

When we are stressed, tired, and feeling low on energy, this can have an effect on how our bodies cope.

Our brains send us signals to reach for the fastest way to get a “boost”- whether that’s carbs, sugar, wine, coffee, cigarettes etc

Every time we consume something like sugar, coffee or alcohol which gives us a false dopamine hit (the brains reward centre) and we end up crashing or feeling a drop afterwards.

This in turn creates a loop in the brain. It connects the dots and creates what is known as a “neural pathway” so………

“when you are stressed …… you eat/drink x,y or z……… and you feel better for a short time”

That’s where CRAVINGS come from and that’s why it’s so hard to give up those habits when you are tired and stressed and when you haven’t replaced the behaviours with new healthy ways to get that boost of happy hormones

So how may Reflexology help?

  • it may balance your hormones – reducing the stress hormone cortisol and boosting your happy hormone serotonin
  • it may help you get a good night’s sleep, and the better you sleep the less your brain sends these craving signals for a boost
  • it may relax your nervous system. So, you release tension and feel more energised – so less need for sugar and coffee etc
  • it may boost your immune system. The immune system helps to fight again infections.
  • it may reduce anxiety and depression. – the human connection element boosts your oxytocin (the same hormone that’s produced when you have a big long hug) which is so beneficial for wellbeing
  • because of the lowered cortisol which can directly cause weight gain, it may help with weight control if you have regular treatments
  • Reflexology can be helpful in lowering chronic pain, as it stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities
  • it can detox your system and promotes healthy digestion, easing digestive imbalances. We can eat more healthily and feel healthier without digestive upset. We can detox naturally and properly through normal and balanced gut function- digestive unbalance is linked to stress

Why not try Reflexology today and see if it can help obtain the healthiest version of you?

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