Self-help ideas for everyone at home

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post some self-help techniques that may help you and your family during this difficult and worrying time.  This last week has been quite surreal for me, as I’m sure it has been for many. Not being able to go about our daily activities, not being able to see clients and home schooling 3 children has been a very peculiar.  I was trying to think of ways I could help during this time, as many of us are in the same boat.  I thought I’d put a combination of self-help ideas together, which we could all benefit from.

Firstly, here is a video about hand reflexology that you can use on your whole family;

Here’s a wonderful free self-help meditation to support yourself and your family;

Here’s a list of home remedies that you might find interesting and helpful;

Please look after yourselves and keep safe xx

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